Finding light at the end of the tunnel

Here are some illustrations of how Skedzy can help your company.

Case 1

A small business wishes to implement a project that uses open source. Project managers say the in-house teams are booked through next year. Present funding is a fraction of the salary of a new DevOps engineer or system administrator. The project also requires a system architect. Skedzy can implement the project. Skedzy can provide scripts and training for the in-house staff to support the new system.

Case 2

An IT department wishes to consolidate its source code into a single, reliable repository. Skedzy can implement a git server and assist the department with migrating its source code to it. Skedzy can train the department in using and administering the repository.

Case 3

A company has engaged a third party for microservices. It has required the third party to meet certain performance objectives. The company and third party have agreed that another party (Skedzy) shall monitor the performance of the microservices with random probes. Skedzy will report to both the company and the third party the results of the probes.

Case 4

An IT department wishes to establish an internal WordPress server to document its practices and projects. It has chosen WordPress for its ease of use, however, it needs assistance setting up the server and administering it. Skedzy can set up the server and administer it, and provide scripts for the company to manage the server day-to-day.

Case 5

A business has established new functionality in the cloud. A big name IT consulting company established this functionality on contract. The contract has concluded, the big name IT consulting company has pretty much concluded its part of the deal, then the problems began. Many unexpected discoveries. The big name IT consulting company has offered the business a new contract option, which turns out to be even more expensive than the original cloud implementation. The business is wondering whether there are alternatives. Might it simply be a matter of some good system administration practices in the cloud? Skedzy can offer a cost effective opinion on the situation, and system administration advice for the cloud-based application.

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