Getting started with Skedzy

Here is how to get started with Skedzy, as well as the ongoing business process.

Initial visit – FREE. Onsite, conference call, video conference. Identify challenges within your IT infrastructure. Brainstorm solutions. Decide on a strategy of action that will deliver the most benefit at the least cost.

Develop statement of work.

Articulate the benefits expected.

Present estimate for first week of work (anywhere between 4 and 60 hours).

Sign contract.

Begin the first week of work.

Communicate frequently with the technical contact and business contact.

Work week-to-week.

Continue to communicate frequently with the technical contact and business contact.

Submit invoice for the previous week to the business contact. Provide an estimate for the current week. Accept feedback and make alterations.

At the beginning of each week, the business contact will know the maximum charge for that week before work begins. The business contact will also know how much effort will be required on the part of the company team.

Skedzy embeds with your team in order to abide by your security policies and comply with your change management policies.

Throughout the process, Skedzy commits to work closely with your business to ensure a significant and durable benefit:

Decreased costs
Improved productivity
Increased revenue
Increased value add
Improved employee morale
Ecstatic customers

Interested in getting started?

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